Scratch Nights

SCRATCH is a twice-yearly event showcasing acts from across the performing arts!

What is a Scratch Night?

A Scratch Night is an evening designed to give artists the opportunity to ‘test’ out their material on a live audience. Artists will have 20 minutes during which they will perform their act to a live audience. Scratch Nights will see a whole variety of acts performed from stand-up comics, to new emerging theatre companies, dancers, poetry readings/performances and live art performers.

Work shown in Scratch Nights is usually work-in-progress, often in its very initial stages, and offers artists an opportunity to get immediate feedback and thus make appropriate changes or development to their work for the future. For the audience, it is an opportunity to see new, up and coming work, have an enjoyable (and cheap!) night out and help to create a buzz about new artists and emerging work.

SCRATCH ran from February 2012 until October 2016 at Matthews Yard in Croydon.

For extracts from some of the acts that performed during that time, have a look at Scratch Nights Archives.


Thank you to all the artists and fantastic audiences who supported us during those years!



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